Business Valuation

Assisting Sales and Acquisitions in Norman, OK

One of the most important decisions as an entrepreneur is deciding when and how to buy or sell a company. Our firm aids you in making this choice by showing you its hypothetical price tag. R. Mark Geurkink CPA, PLC provides business valuation services in Norman and the greater Oklahoma City Metro Area. Call us today for help in buying and selling corporations.

Evaluating the Business

Our CPA firm independently investigates the standing of the business for sale to generate an honest opinion of its worth. We look through the venture’s financial statements, transaction records, and other documents of its recent history to determine how well it has financially performed and how likely it is to improve. We can evaluate the assets that the company owns and how that will affect its ability to impact the marketplace. From these findings, we will develop a cautious, well-explained estimate of the business’ worth.

This valuation includes pointing out warning signs of a bad investment. For example, if the business’ books are inconsistent with other records—or even between themselves—then the company in question could be more problematic than outside appearances may indicate. Conventional wisdom would state that investing in that venture would carry too much risk. By demonstrating such hazards and comparing them to the stated worth of the business, R. Mark Geurkink CPA, PLC can help you decide the right offer to make or accept regarding the enterprise for sale.

When Should I Valuate?

Business valuation services in Norman are beneficial to anyone in the Oklahoma City Metro Area who wants to buy a business or sell a business.

Business acquisitions are always a risky endeavor. Choosing to buy a new business can lead to a significant boost to your corporation’s revenue stream, but the amount of funds poured into the company to sustain it might outweigh its profitability. Hiring our Norman CPA firm will help you decide which enterprise is worth buying for what price you are considering.

Conversely, a valuation needs to be among the first steps you take when you choose to sell a business. The estimation of worth provided by R. Mark Geurkink CPA, PLC will include the benefits and drawbacks of investing in your company along with the proposed value. Being able to see your own advantages and disadvantages grants you the opportunity to improve upon your venture’s operational and financial situation. This guidance for self-improvement will help you make your enterprise more likely to sell, if not more likely to receive a higher offer from interested parties.

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From our CPA firm in Norman, R. Mark Geurkink CPA, PLC provides business valuations services near Oklahoma City. For more information, call us today and schedule a consultation.