Part-Time CFO Services

Part-Time CFO Services

Is your Oklahoma business experiencing growing pains? Are you wondering how you can take steps to grow strategically based on your company’s finances? At R. Mark Geurkink, CPA, we offer part-time CFO services to help your business grow and prosper. Our services provide more than just accounting support. We can help you implement tax-saving strategies, analyze your profits, establish internal controls, and make sound financial decisions for your organization. Our team provides invaluable insight and expertise so that you can apply effective strategies for business growth and success.

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Helping Business Owners and Management Teams Achieve Success

Have you thought about hiring a full-time financial expert to help facilitate the growth of your business, but aren’t sure you can afford it? A part-time CFO is a cost-effective solution that can help your company grow smarter and faster. We work with business owners and management teams to develop strategies based on detailed financial analysis and projections. Hiring a part-time CFO will encourage growth, reduce waste, and improve your financial reporting. It’s an important investment that has tremendous potential to grow your bottom line. 

Part Time CFO Services in Norman

Part-time CFO services can be crucial when trying to decide what steps you should take next for your business. We will help you plan strategically and take actionable steps with clear financial goals in mind. Here are just some of the part-time CFO services we provide to our Oklahoma business clients.

? Detailed Financial Analysis - We will go over your finances and offer insightful analytical support to help grow your business. 
? Cash Flow Projection and Economic Forecasting - Cash flow projections will directly affect how you run your business. We can ensure that cash flow is always on track, and help you manage risk and gage investment returns.  
? Internal Controls Analysis - By analyzing your internal controls, we can work with you to improve operating efficiency. We’ll help you to develop systems that track supplies, prevent theft, and ensure accurate reporting. 
? Business Consulting - As we get to know your business and its detailed financial workings, we will make ourselves available to answer questions and provide advice as you need it.

At R. Mark Geurkink, CPA, we provide professional part-time CFO services to business clients in Norman and the surrounding communities. We can give you more time to focus on core issues and a better understanding of the financial aspects of your business. Give us a call today to find out how we can work together because having a trusted financial advisor on your side is smart for business and your peace-of-mind.

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